One of the best ways to coach a player is to show them on a monitor, with the use of video playback. How many times have you looked at a video of a soccer game and only got head level footage and there’s really nothing coachable there. Now United 1996 F.C. has been given the opportunity to use video from the height of 30 ft. and then play it back so the players can see from a vantage point that is really clear and make sense.

The future is wide open with this new product and as we move into 2013, we will be investigating the use of making recruitment videos for the players and allowing them to move forward with the absolute best technology on the field today. United wants the players to develop and we really think the HiPod will allow our players to grow to be better players. If you have any questions or would like more information about how the HiPod can help your player, please reach out to Jan Franson at jan@united1996fc.com