Junior Academy

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Premier Soccer Head Start Program for Boys & Girls U7-U10

  • For Boys & Girls ages 6-9
  • No Travel
  • Low Cost (only $260 per season)
  • Certified Coaching
  • Emphasis on Learning, not Winning
  • Fun Atmosphere


Tom Davis

The Academy Program offers an alternative development and play opportunity geared toward players and families who are dedicated to soccer, and have a passion for the game which is “beyond recreational.” The program is not select soccer yet. The program is open to any individual who desires the commitment, enjoyment, and interest to develop the fundamental skills of the game of soccer. There are no tryouts, and 50% or more, play per half is strictly enforced.

Academy Philosophy

At the United 1996 FC Junior Academy our coaching techniques are state-of-the-art and based on the USSF, NSCAA, and European coaching methods. It is our hope that through concentrated individual attention and with our experienced coaching staff, each player will master the skills and techniques required to play soccer at its highest level. United 1996 FC Junior Academy is committed to the development of youth players ensuring them a solid technical foundation and understanding in a non-pressured, fun environment. The emphasis will be on becoming comfortable and confident with the ball while learning specific skills and executing the required skill or technique with precision.

Academy Goals

  • Create an atmosphere where young players are exposed to the game with an emphasis on skill development more than team development.
  • Create an environment where players are allowed to flourish in a competitive arena in which the focus of quality soccer is more important than short-term success of winning versus losing.
  • Educate our players and parents in the development process and club values.
  • We’ll measure learning and fun, not scores and standings!


  • Practices will be held at Floyd Fork Park on Mondays and Wednesdays. Practices will last no longer than 90 minutes. Over the course of the first academic year players will be train to masteries following technique:
  • Juggling/Tricks: It is very important for young players to learn how to perform proper juggling technique. It will improve their ability to control the ball; it will improve their shooting ability and will eventually improve precision during the executions of the “long ball”.
  • Foundation: This part will cover exercises that will improve players’ ability to pass, receive and shoot the ball with different parts of the foot.
  • Turns & Moves: Players will be exposed to 5 fundamental turns and moves. All moves are associated with former legendary players; such is Johan Crujjff, Diego Maradona, Stanley Mathews, Rivelino, Ronaldo and others.
  • Dribbling: Very important tool in players attempt to penetrate trough opponents defense. Players will be exposed to learning dribbling technique in competitive settings.
  • Games 1vs 1, 2 vs.2: Each practice will have 3 different phases. One of the phases will represent game related situations, where players will be able to perform learned techniques while under pressure and in competitive settings.

Match Day

What are the Match Days? – The Academy match days are for 7, 8 and 9 year old players and consist of boys and girls playing a bunch of fun 4v4 games against other players. The games are played on smaller fields with no goalkeepers. These games will be always played on field no bigger than 40×25 yards. Two goals on each side will be used in order to escape “GRAPE EFFECT” and to create high scoring games environment, which tend to be more fun for young players. Also, based on the field setting, emphasis will be on exposing players to the depth and width of the field, and penetration trough the goals as well.

Who gets promoted?

Over the course of one academic year, some players will develop at a faster pace than others. To ensure continuity of development, Junior Academy coaching staff will suggest promotion into Select team.

What are the components we are looking for?

  • Demonstrates sound technical skills (control, dribbling and shooting)
  • Physically stronger than most players within their age group
  • Athletically quicker than most players within their age group
  • High level of coordination and good agility
  • During games is aggressive in their attitude and approach to getting involved
  • During games tends to dominate the play